Sexy Reading – Oh My

Earlier in the week I posted a poll on my Facebook Fan Page asking personal preference in regard to reading sexual scenes in literature. I admit the question was open ended and I provided only two options to select, either YES or NO. I was surprised that after only a couple of days, the poll had received 25 votes along with a good variety of comments.

The poll question: When reading, do YOU prefer to read a story that has sexual scenes?

Responses were 22 votes for YES and 3 for NO. Majority of those voting were authors, authors read just like anyone else.

What surprised me most were not so much the actual votes, but the comments made by those who visited the poll. Some comments were from individuals who did not feel comfortable answering either Yes or No, but added a comment instead.

A general theme ran through the comments, no matter how they voted: as long as the scene(s) related to the story and were realistic.

Some who voted YES commented that sexual scenes were not required. As readers, they were more focused on the story than the sexual scenes (if there were any).

Myself, I prefer reading releases from one particular publisher. Of the 15 or so books I’ve read from this publisher, the books contained no sexual scenes. Sex is implied but the element of the sexual act itself is assumed and not an actual part of the text. Again, this is my personal preference. I’ve read erotica and a number of books which contained from one to (in my mind) way too many sexual scenes and I often times felt that some stories were constructed around the sex scenes.

Each reader has his or her own preferences in the stories they read. Among a myriad of books available, readers can find plenty to suit their taste. There are no set rules as to what is to be included or excluded in a story, the poll was simply an exercise to obtain readers opinions. From the comments received, there were a variety of opinions expressed. I thank everyone who participated in the poll and for taking the time to share opinions and comments.


Have You Choked the Chicken Lately?

Get a grip and Celebrate Loving Yourself – MAY is Masturbation Month!

MAY brings us many good things — flowers and sunshine and spring, and even our own carpal-tunnel-based, self-focused series of chronological days… aka Masturbation Month. Now maybe you were under the impression that this is something to celebrate every month, seven days a week even, but hey – if there’s an opportunity to diddle around judgment-free every day, let’s grab it by the balls.

Dr. Carol Queen, lead sexologist at sex-positive adult boutique Good Vibrations and co-founder of the Center for Sex and Culture up in San Francisco, hosted the 10th Annual Masturbate-A-Thon last week to pump everyone up for the coming month. (Both puns simultaneously intended.)

A typical MAY weekly breakdown:

* Make Me Moan Mondays

* Twat Tickling Tuesdays

* Wet Dream Wednesdays

* Thumb-F**king Thursdays

* Full-Frontal Fridays

* Sit on It Saturdays

* Someone Get Me Some Gatorade Sundays

Stay hydrated, people. There are a lot of fluids flowing and a cramp is a surefire way to ruin a good diddle session.