Dustin Reviews: ‘Round Robin – A Love Story of Epic Proportions’ by Joseph Flynn

Round RobinRound Robin Phinney…

She’s 230 pounds of bad attitude. She dishes out sandwiches and insults to the customers at Screaming Mimi’s deli. She takes a dim view of people in general and men in particular.

Her home is her sanctuary. She has an apartment upstairs. Downstairs, she’s created a private park, lushly landscaped, dotted with ponds, furnished with two Chicago Park District benches.

Manfred Welk is what Charles Atlas would have looked like if he’d been serious about lifting weights. A former Olympic powerlifter for East Germany, his ex-wife turned him in for spying.

Brought to Chicago after the fall of the Berlin Wall, he needs a place to live.

When cold weather hits and Robin’s furnace goes out, the plants in her park start to die. Worse, she has no money for repairs — but she does have a small vacant apartment in her basement. Something she might swap for the services of a live-in handyman.

After interviewing a number of prospective fix-it people, Robin finds, to her great horror, the best choice is a giant German with CIA connections. That’s bad enough, but the guy turns out to have a kid, a blue-haired prepubescent brat named Bianca who’s been raised in a brothel.

Robin, Manfred and Bianca all have their demons to cast out. You’ll have a grand time watching as they do.

Round Robin – A Love Story of Epic Proportions was an unexpected story and delightfully told. There is just the right amount of humor to keep the story from becoming too serious. The subject matter (delicate at times) is presented in a no-nonsense manner and is quite believable without being “glossed-over” or frivolous. The characters are well developed and play well off each other. Flynn draws the reader into a journey of discovery, to uncover the source of Robin’s painful secret.

Joseph Flynn

About the author

Joseph Flynn has been published both traditionally — Signet Books, Bantam Books and Variance Publishing — and through his own imprint, Stray Dog Press, Inc. Both major media reviews and reader reviews have praised his work. Booklist said, “Flynn is an excellent storyteller.” The Chicago Tribune said, “Flynn [is] a master of high-octane plotting.” The most repeated reader comment is: Write faster, we want more.

Author web site:http://www.josephflynn.com

Round Robin – A Love Story of Epic Proportions is available at: Amazon


Print Length: 339 pages
Publication Date:
Published December 20, 2010 by Stray Dog Press, Inc.
Language: English
N: 9780098303
ISBN: 098303124X

5 out of 5 stars


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