Dustin Reviews: The Nose Knows by David Hudnut

The Nose Knows by David HudnutImagine a romantic comedy combined with the humor of Family Guy, The Simpsons, and Mad Magazine, with a little King of the Hill thrown in, and a dash of Robot Chicken.

Calvin Dunkley has trouble meeting women. But he desperately wants to find true love. Luckily for Calvin, every Friday the beautiful Claudia Aranda comes into the grocery store where he works. He’s been planning to ask her out for months. It took that long to get his courage up, because Claudia is gorgeous.

Unfortunately for Calvin, the mutant nose hair he discovers sprouting from his nostril like a rabid rattlesnake has other ideas…

Relive the frustrations of young love. The laughs always come with a few tears, but everyone knows romance comes at a price. If you like schadenfreude humor and giant squids, this is your bag.

The Nose Knows is a fast paced, zany, off-the-wall, short read that will delight readers who enjoy Seth MacFarlane’s (Family Guy) type of bizarre humor.

About the author

David Hudnut

Author, illustrator, and musician David Hudnut is devoted to telling stories that excite, inspire, frighten, motivate and most of all, ENTERTAIN READERS EVERYWHERE.

His newest works,


are 4 tales of suspense designed to evoke our emotions in a world saturated with meaningless distraction. These stories will make your heart race in fear, or swell with compassion, or make you laugh out loud. This is rock-and-roll writing.

Turn off your cell phones, log off of your favorite social networking websites, and start reading! His stories will make your eyes bleed with tears of laughter, sadness and TERROR…

David has also worked as an illustrator for the entertainment industry for the past 15 years. In the process of creating many thousands of drawings, he realized that contrary to conventional wisdom, a word is worth 1,000 pictures. And now as a writer, he is learning that a noun is worth 1,000 adjectives. With that in mind, he asks that you imagine what a single noun can do.

Website: http://davidhudnut.blogspot.com

Tags: comedy, comic-fiction, humor, humorous, laugh-out-loud, laughter, romantic-comedy, trouble-meeting-women, twilight-zone

The Nose Knows is available at: Amazon


Print Length: Kindle Edition, 1st edition, 75 pages / Print 95 pages
Published: April 10th 2013 by David Hudnut (first published February 14th 2012)
Language: English

4 out of 5 stars


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