Dustin Reviews: Joshua by John S. Wilson

Joshua by John S. WilsonHe had to keep moving, that the man instinctively knew. He had to get away, from the rioting, the lawlessness, the killing. Away from the brutal gangs that ruled the highways. Then there was the boy that he found along the way, an orphan with no place to go. He couldn’t leave the child behind; that would be murder. Together they had to make their way across the razed landscape of post collapse America, west to where there was safety, a chance to begin again. If only they survived the journey.

Excerpt: Man had quickly degenerated to the animal instincts of the species and numerous bloody examples could be seen anywhere one looked. For many there were no more limits in this new world as it had only been the law that kept them from robbing or killing or raping each other, and the law was now gone. Only anarchy remained. Rotting murdered corpses littered his street like so much uncollected garbage. The smell was something of nightmares. It was like some bad science fiction movie but all too real. If it had been a movie the man would have found it laughable and changed the channel.

Excerpt: All around the nation it was the same. The rioting and killing started in the densely populated urban areas but quickly spilled into the suburbs and then out into the countryside, the blood following the line of the highways like water obeying gravity. The mob ruled and the mob wanted blood. Now they would have it.

Every once in a while you run across a read that stands out from the others, a story that shines – Joshua was that and more. This quick paced tale is fiction, but there are a number of parallels with our own current real world that makes this book come to life, sorta like it is foretelling the very near future. An uneasy feeling crept through me as I continued to read.

The main character: Man captivated this reader as his values and perceptions evolve as he maneuvers through a new world of lawlessness and animalistic drive for survival. Man goes (on foot) in search of his remaining relatives. Dead or alive, he has a desire to know what has become of them. Along the way, he makes a promise to a dying woman to care for her three year old child, Joshua. At first, Man only sees Joshua as a helpless boy, but a bond of dependency for survival quickly develops between them. Together, they cross the devastated country in search of answers and attempt to stay alive.

Emotional and heartbreaking are some of the words that best describe this story. Joshua is a disturbing tale yet brilliantly told.

About the author

Over the years John S. Wilson has found himself with various titles, truck driver, warehouseman, security guard, air marshaller, insurance salesman, real estate agent, bottle inspector, assembly line worker, forklift operator, stock boy. Now with this book he can add another to that list, author.

Joshua is available at: Amazon


Length: 324 pages Kindle Edition / 322 pages Paperback
Publication Date: Published April 6th 2012 by Createspace
Language: English

5 out of 5 stars


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