“All writers are insane!” ~ Cornelia Fun

“All writers are insane!”
~ Cornelia Funke, Inkheart


Dustin Reviews: Lunch Lady by T. Watkins

Lunch LadyAs an up-and-coming star in the kitchen of the city’s best Italian restaurant, Angela’s future had seemed bright. But when a restaurant guest is inexplicably injured and she gets fired, it seems like her dreams are over. With nowhere else to go to do what she loves, Angela is forced to accept a job in a high school cafeteria working for the enormous and sweaty Hildegarde Knoblauch. Adding insult to injury, several items are found missing from the cafeteria pantry and Angela is blamed. Three students go to hilarious lengths to try to prove Angela’s innocence with comical results.

When the International Kitchen King Cooking Contest comes to town, Angela has hopes of regaining her status in the culinary community, but must overcome side-splitting obstacles and her own self-doubt to escape her embarrassing situation as Lunch Lady.

Lunch Lady was a definite surprise read, I began the book with preconceived ideas (based on the juvenile-type book cover… again, don’t judge a book by its cover).

I enjoyed the way the story unfolded, although the character dialog felt stiff and unnatural at times. The characters were interesting and engaging on the most part. The main characters finally blossom just as the story is wrapping up. There were several phrases and image descriptions repeated far too much and I found that annoying. About half-way into the novel, the pace begins to pick up and the story builds. Overlooking the minor flaws, Lunch Lady was an interesting light read.

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About the author

T Watkins is a writer of novels and screenplays, and is an award-winning director of films. He has held a wide variety of jobs over the years, including English teacher in Japan, military officer in Germany, industrial spy in the Alaskan fishing industry, and bank vice president. He lives in Seattle with his mini-UN of a family – every member is from a different country.

Print Length: 204 pages
Publication Date:
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (September 7, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN13: 978-1479274758
ISBN-10: 1479274755

3 out of 5 stars

Dustin Reviews: Halloween Threesome (Pauer Bautam University #2) by Brandon Reed

Halloween Threesome by Brandon ReedGorgeous young freshman Sean Brimlee loves the sex with his semi-boyfriend Ryan, but he’s ready to spice things up… with a threesome. Sean and Ryan attend the Halloween Carnival in West Hollywood in search for a third party. Who will be the lucky guy?

WARNING: Explicit Gay Sex

Brandon Reed’s Pauer Bautam series are a hoot to read. Just as the series name suggests, the story line is all about S-E-X and getting laid. The writing style is light and the stories aren’t deep (just like the stereotypical characters), but the series is just a down-right fun read.

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Print Length: 56 pages
Publication Date: July 14, 2011
Language: English
Pauer Bautam University

4 out of 5 stars

Dustin Reviews: The Mortician’s Wife by Maralee Lowder

The Mortician's Wife by Maralee LowderFive miles from the new age Mt. Shasta City, the sleepy Northern California town of Dunsmuir plays host to a nightmarish house – the Old Mortuary – where the mortician’s wife spent four decades alone, and some say insane, sleeping in an alcove off one bedroom where she believed the evil spirits of the house could not get to her, harboring terrible secrets.

With the steady flow of dead bodies through the basement and the murderous events upstairs, this is the story of how the Old Mortuary of Dunsmuir became one of the most haunted houses in America as a result of the personality and misdeeds of one man, Horace Carpenter, whose eternal soul most certainly does not rest in peace, as many will attest, and probably never will.

I have spent the night in supposedly some of the most haunted buildings in America. I have met people who could fairly be described as evil incarnate. I have been to the Old Mortuary in Dunsmuir. It is gorgeous but I wouldn’t spend a single night there.”

Kathleen McKenna, author of horror novels ‘The Wedding Gift’ and ‘Family Matters’.

Knock my socks off! This story was a pleasant surprise.After wading through the slow beginning, the story picked up and from thereafter it was difficult to put the book down. It’s not an easy or settling read, but it’s worth the read. If I elaborate any further, I’ll give the story away. An emotional story of personal empowerment.

The Mortician’s Wife by Maralee Lowder is available at: Amazon


Print Length: 265 pages
Publication Date: Taylor Street Publishing (October 1, 2012)
Language: English

4 out of 5 stars