Dustin Reviews: Man*hattan: a fairy tale by Philip Higgins

Meet Michael Dearborn. Telephone therapist by day, complete and utter mess by night.

It’s just another New York story of boy meets boy, boy breaks up with boy, boy gets depressed, works in the basement of a funeral home, drinks too much, wakes up in a strange bed, dates a crazy person, and still makes it to brunch in time to tell the tale.

Man*hattan: a fairy tale is a breath of fresh air – a thoroughly entertaining read. Philip Higgins writes in a style similar to that of Michael Thomas Ford, with a smattering of Bart Yates and a dash of Proust. Higgins takes the reader on a journey of discovery through a varying mix of human emotions with just the right amount of humor to make for a superb tale. His characters are colorful, yet believable and they jump to life right off the pages. Mr Higgins has a winner here! I look forward to more exciting tales from this new author.

About the author
Philip Higgins is a licensed clinical social worker and fiction writer. He lives in Massachusetts with his husband – whom he met, dated and, when he finally came to his senses, married in Manhattan – and their adorable son in a great big old house they never could have afforded in New York City.

 Man*hattan: a fairy tale is available at: Amazon


Tags: gay romance and love, gay love triangle, gay college romance, gay college boys, gay college, gay adult romance, gay contemporary romance, gay erotic romance, gay romance, contemporary romance

Print Length: 241 pages
Publication Date: July 8, 2012
Language: English

5 out of 5 stars


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