Dustin Reviews: What A Tangled Web: A Non Fiction Narrative by Daniel Curzon

The Dark Side of the Internet appears in the form of a so-called Teacher Review website that becomes a source of Machiavellian deviltry.

A college teacher (Dr. Nathaniel Tack) runs into the dark side of the Internet when a libelous website is allowed to post lies. Also tells the story of being a gay father as well as being in a hard-fought love relationship with another man. A side theme is the stranglehold Political Correctness has on telling the truth.

What A Tangled Web was a delightfully funny story, but a difficult read due to a slaughtered job of Kindle formatting. The text was all over the place which made it difficult to follow the witty dialogue. Let’s not even begin on the long list of missing words and repeated phases. This manuscript needs a good thorough editing/proofreading. Overlooking the train-wreck technical flaws, the story was wonderful, it was just difficult to read due to the overwhelming amount of errors. I give the story a 5+, however the technical issues made for an uncomfortable read. Overall, the best I can rate this book is an anemic 3.

About the author

Daniel Curzon (born March 19, 1938) is the pen name of Daniel R. Brown. He is the author of Something You Do in the Dark, first published by G. P. Putnam in 1971 and which may be considered as one of the first gay protest novels.It is the story of a gay man’s attempt to avenge his entrapment by a Detroit vice squad police officer by murdering him.

Curzon has written other novels, including The Misadventures of Tim McPick (original title: Queer Comedy), From Violent Men, Among the Carnivores, The World Can Break Your Heart, Curzon in Love, The Bubble Reputation, or Shakespeare Lives!, and What a Tangled Web. His non-fiction books include The Big Book of In-Your-Face Gay Etiquette andDropping Names: The Delicious Memoirs of Daniel Curzon. This last was described by Ian Young in Torson as “ferociously honest and very funny” and by Philip Clark in Lambda Book Report as “a blunt, hilarious, page-turning ride that is…impossible to put down.”

Curzon edited and published the early homophile magazine “Gay Literature: A New Journal” In 1975 and 1976. The magazine included poetry, fiction, literary reviews, essays, photography, and short plays. Curzon’s own written work sometimes was included. Curzon contributed articles for other magazines such as “Gay Times” in 1976 and “Alternate” in 1978.

In the theater, Curzon won the 1999 National New Play Contest for Godot Arrives, and has won many other play contests, such as the Great Platte River Play Contest. His play My Unknown Son was produced off-Broadway at the Circle Rep Lab in 1987 and at the Kaufmann Theatre in 1988, as well as in Los Angeles in 1997. Baker’s Plays published Curzon’s one-act play, A Fool’s Audition. Seven volumes of his Collected Plays have been published as POD books through BookSurge.

Curzon, who is openly gay, is currently a retired professor of English.(Wikipedia)

What A Tangled Web: A Non Fiction Narrative is available at: Amazon

Tags: pet, chicago, alcoholism, sexual violence, rape, oral sex, black gay, dogs

Print Length: 569 pages
Publisher: IGNA Books (February 24, 2010)
Language: English
ASIN: B003XT5J92

3- out of 5 stars


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