Dustin Reviews: When Dad Came Back As My Dog by Robert Alexander

When Dad Came Back As My Dog by Robert AlexanderWhat would you give to have someone back from the grave, even for an hour or two? Better yet, what would you say?

For those who’ve loved and lost yet find themselves still looking for answers, this heart-warming book tells the story of how Robby discovers love, life, death, and dogs. But what really happened back in his hometown of Chicago…and is it happening again? There’s only one place to find the truth…and only one creature who can tell him. A humorous look at all that can be found when all seems lost, When Dad Came Back As My Dog recounts the somewhat fictional but mostly true tale of a prominent Windy City family.

Robert Alexander Times bestselling author of The Kitchen Boy and other historical novels.

I thought the title: When Dad Came Back As My Dog was cute. However I feared the novella would be a hokey and childish read. I was TOTALY Wrong.

The fast paced story unfolds as Robby’s emotions and struggles are revealed. Sometimes humorous and always interesting, the story had me in tears during several passages. An uplifting and upbeat story that anyone (regardless of age) who has ever loved a dog can relate.

About the author

Robert Alexander is the author of the New York Times bestselling novels Rasputin’s Daughter, The Kitchen Boy, and The Romanov Bride. He has spent over thirty years traveling to Russia, where he has studied and also worked for the U.S. government. He speaks frequently to book clubs, and the schedule for his live video webcasts can be found at his website.

When Dad Came Back As My Dog is available at Amazon:

Tags: dogs, alcoholism, pet, chicago, gay fiction, novella

Print Pages 121 pages (approximate)

4 out of 5 stars


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