Dustin Reviews: Skeleton in the Closet by Mental King

Two beings have been created one was called man and the other woman and the two shall be united. But Charles Dietrich was different, he’s been imprisoned by his own identity. Being the only son of a rich family, money did not help him find his true happiness even freedom was out of reach. Living would be his last resort and dying would be his first. Is it going to be too late for everyone in Charles’ life in accepting the painful truth?

Skeleton in the Closet could have easily been a depressing read, however Mental King wrote the story in an upbeat voice with the inevitable conclusion as the undertone.

Charles is a likable gay character and I felt his emotions during the 12 hours that the story took place. The author puts the reader inside Charles’ head and weaves a remarkable short story and not a lightweight read of fluff.

Skeleton in the Closet may be purchase at Amazon:

Tags: gay drama, gay fiction, gay love, gay romance, homosexual,gay and lesbian, gay fantasy, gay novel, gay suspense, gay themed, homosexuality, short story, young adult drama, young guys

 Length: 37 pages (estimate)

3 out of 5 stars


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