Dustin Reviews: Reasons for the Fall by Greg M Schumaker

Channeling the magical love of storytelling of early American writers like Kate Chopin and F. Scott Fitzgerald, Reasons for the Fall follows a trio of aimless, romantic and wealthy friends on a summer vacation to Saugatuck, an enchanted and bohemian town snuggled alongside the dunes of Lake Michigan. This volume also includes three short stories which travel from the sandy Great Lakes coast to the mind of an enchanted old woman, to a personal narrative by the author and, across the solar system, to the cold surface of one of Jupiter’s mysterious moons.

Reasons for the Fall was a delight to read. I found myself smiling at the generous sprinkles of subtle humor. An entertaining fast read. The additional bonus stories (Dinner for Buddha, Decaffeinated and Jupiter) were enjoyable, but not as much fun as Reasons for the Fall.

Reasons for the Fall may be purchased at Amazon:

Tags: gay drama, gay fiction, gay love, gay romance, homosexual, gay and lesbian, gay fantasy, gay suspense, gay themed, homosexuality, short story, young adult drama, young guys

Kindle Edition, 137 pages

4 out of 5 stars


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