Dustin Reviews: A Not-So-Grimm Fairytale by Ann Somerville

A Not-So-Grimm Fairytale is proof positive that fairy tales aren’t just for children. This tale of a Prince in search of love has a witch, a spell and of course a handsome prince. An entertaining tale for sure.

About the author:

Ann Somerville grew up in one of Australia’s prettiest small cities. In 1989, she left Australia with a BA and a burning ambition to see more of the world and its people, and to discover this ‘culture’ thing people kept telling her about. In 2006, she returned home to Southeast Queensland with two more degrees, an English husband, and a staggering case of homesickness, vowing never to leave Australia again.

Her long, plot-driven fiction featuring gay and bisexual characters has been professionally published, although copious free full length stories and novels are also available on her website. She blogs about writing, publishing, her life and many shiny distracting things.

A Not-So-Grimm Fairytale may be obtained at Smashwords:

Tags: mm, gay romance, silliness, gay & lesbian fiction, gay fairytales, short story

Words: 5019 (approximate)

3 out of 5 stars


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