Dustin Reviews: Goodmans Hotel by Alan Keslian

Mark gives up the high stake corporate life for an uncertain entrepreneurial adventure into a world that he is hesitant at first to embrace. But along the way, he learns lessons in human nature, trust and most of all family. Unknown to Mark, his life is being quietly directed by Andrew, an older gay man that Mark befriends. Andrew not only establishes the “family” he had always wanted, but also a “family” and a new life for Mark.

An interesting read into emotions and the effects of decisions we make and how each decision can effect not only our own life, but of those around us.

I give Alan Keslian‘s Goodmans Hotel a solid 4 stars, it’s a shining example of what I consider to be true Gay Lit. This story is a far cry from being just another shallow read.

4 out of 5 stars.


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