Dustin Reviews: Closer Than Breathing by Alan Keslian

Closer Than Breathing – a light gay odyssey by Alan Keslian

An interesting snapshot into the life of a UK bloke living in London. Ben is in search of Mr Right getting himself in odd situations with some very unlikely characters. Stereotypical in nature, the humor sneaks in through the conversations with this mixed bag of eccentrics, as each character defends his/her opinions, placing Ben in the middle. I would never have considered the meshing of such oddly matched characters would create a thoroughly entertaining story. Place a Rock & Rock legend, a promiscuous bartender, the upstairs “party” neighbors, a drug dealer, a want-a-be lesbian psychic and a stodgy old author into a bag, shake well and you’ve got a lighthearted gay lit story. The story is complete with a few unexpected surprises and the “erotic” scenes are craftily mastered into a computer video game.

I was disappointed in the final chapter though, the flow was not consistent with the rest of the book and I felt rushed through the ending. Possibly had Keslian expanded the last chapter and split it into two separate chapters I would have felt less hurried. Or maybe, I just wanted more time with these misfitting characters that I had grown so attached.

Closer Than Breathing contains some UK slang in the conversations, but that did not pull this Texas cowboy from the story. The characters are well developed and believable, often times humorous in their individualistic eccentricities.

I give Alan Keslian a solid 4 stars for this entertaining Gay Lit and I’m looking forward to cracking the cover of yet another of his novels tonight, Goodmans Hotel.




4 out of 5 stars.


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