Dustin Reviews: Closer Than Breathing by Alan Keslian

Closer Than Breathing – a light gay odyssey by Alan Keslian

An interesting snapshot into the life of a UK bloke living in London. Ben is in search of Mr Right getting himself in odd situations with some very unlikely characters. Stereotypical in nature, the humor sneaks in through the conversations with this mixed bag of eccentrics, as each character defends his/her opinions, placing Ben in the middle. I would never have considered the meshing of such oddly matched characters would create a thoroughly entertaining story. Place a Rock & Rock legend, a promiscuous bartender, the upstairs “party” neighbors, a drug dealer, a want-a-be lesbian psychic and a stodgy old author into a bag, shake well and you’ve got a lighthearted gay lit story. The story is complete with a few unexpected surprises and the “erotic” scenes are craftily mastered into a computer video game.

I was disappointed in the final chapter though, the flow was not consistent with the rest of the book and I felt rushed through the ending. Possibly had Keslian expanded the last chapter and split it into two separate chapters I would have felt less hurried. Or maybe, I just wanted more time with these misfitting characters that I had grown so attached.

Closer Than Breathing contains some UK slang in the conversations, but that did not pull this Texas cowboy from the story. The characters are well developed and believable, often times humorous in their individualistic eccentricities.

I give Alan Keslian a solid 4 stars for this entertaining Gay Lit and I’m looking forward to cracking the cover of yet another of his novels tonight, Goodmans Hotel.




4 out of 5 stars.


Book teaser vid for: Auf Wiedersehen ~ Journey to Goodbye

For twenty years, Shane has worked in retail management, not happy with the long hours and lack of compensation he deserves, blaming his job for his not having a boyfriend, which he desires more than anything. Fed up with his life, he vows to make two major changes. First: find a new career. One that will afford him the luxuries he deserves. Second: get a boyfriend. Disheartened with one night stands, he desires a lover. With two lofty goals in mind, he sets into motion a life altering chain of events.

Living a mediocre life, Michael has his books, old movies and 80’s music, but there is a void in his life, a man. He hasn’t been so very lucky in love. At this point in his life, he’s willing to settle for an ordinary schmoe like himself, to hold at night, a companion who might want the same, and won’t hold his German heritage against him.

Can two men, with different perspectives on life, nurture a romantic relationship? Can they overcome their differences and their own personal demons? Or does Fate have other plans, using the star-crossed lovers merely as pawns in a game where dreams and hearts could be shattered?

For more info, visit: http://JourneyToGoodbye.dustinadrianrhodes.com

Sexy Reading – Oh My

Earlier in the week I posted a poll on my Facebook Fan Page asking personal preference in regard to reading sexual scenes in literature. I admit the question was open ended and I provided only two options to select, either YES or NO. I was surprised that after only a couple of days, the poll had received 25 votes along with a good variety of comments.

The poll question: When reading, do YOU prefer to read a story that has sexual scenes?

Responses were 22 votes for YES and 3 for NO. Majority of those voting were authors, authors read just like anyone else.

What surprised me most were not so much the actual votes, but the comments made by those who visited the poll. Some comments were from individuals who did not feel comfortable answering either Yes or No, but added a comment instead.

A general theme ran through the comments, no matter how they voted: as long as the scene(s) related to the story and were realistic.

Some who voted YES commented that sexual scenes were not required. As readers, they were more focused on the story than the sexual scenes (if there were any).

Myself, I prefer reading releases from one particular publisher. Of the 15 or so books I’ve read from this publisher, the books contained no sexual scenes. Sex is implied but the element of the sexual act itself is assumed and not an actual part of the text. Again, this is my personal preference. I’ve read erotica and a number of books which contained from one to (in my mind) way too many sexual scenes and I often times felt that some stories were constructed around the sex scenes.

Each reader has his or her own preferences in the stories they read. Among a myriad of books available, readers can find plenty to suit their taste. There are no set rules as to what is to be included or excluded in a story, the poll was simply an exercise to obtain readers opinions. From the comments received, there were a variety of opinions expressed. I thank everyone who participated in the poll and for taking the time to share opinions and comments.

Hop Against Homophobia an M/M Only Blog Hop


I just signed up to participate in my first BLOG-HOP.

An M/M Only Blog Hop. I was the 111th author to sign up for the Hop Against Homophobia.  The official hop kickoff date is May 17th which coincides with International Day Against Homophobia.

The hop will run until midnight May 20th. Watch for further updates …

Interested authors are encouraged to sign up at: http://hopagainsthomophobia.blogspot.com

An awesome bookstore video

The Joy of Books – by Type bookstore in Toronto

This video is just too awesome not to share.