Dustin Reviews: Every Man for Himself by Orland Outland

“A delightfully gay comedy of manners and morals, Every Man for Himself skewers the gay archetype of the nineties – the buff poseur – and breathes real life into an age of sexual chaos, pumped-up extremes, and the ever changing rules of attractions.”  ~ from the book jacket

I hate to admit it, but I began reading Every Man for Himself in August (It’s now January). The story opens with John considering the possibility of cheating on his partner Harrison. OK, right there is where I was pulled out of the story and stopped reading. I wasn’t in the mood to read a story about “cheating on a partner”. For months, the unopened book taunted me, setting on my nightstand, it was the last thing I saw before going to sleep and a constant reminder each morning when I awoke. But, I refused to resume reading the story. I finally broke down and began reading it again.

Even though I was fighting to not like the book, I was soon drawn into the story. Every Man for Himself was not the typical “cheating” story, and neither are the characters. Orland Outland drew me into a story of self discovery, not only for John, but for Harrison as well. A story of hope, even when the chips are down and nothing seems to be in your favor.

I just wish I had never put the book down (back in August) to let it act as a dust collector for so many many months.

(Kensington Press has yet to fail me with a really good read.)

4 out of 5 stars.


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