Dream a little story…

Ok, another story idea came to me in a dream. I woke up this morning from a good nights sleep and recollections of this very interesting unfinished dream. Then it dawned on me, my subconscious had given me a new story. So, I went straight to the laptop and wrote this synopsis and the entire time I had no title, but the word “Dreamers” kept being repeated in my head. (And what a title it is… I won’t say more so that I don’t give away the spoiler) So, it looks like I have a new story to eventually develop, the synopsis has joined the others on the hard drive, it will remain filed away until it is it’s turn to be written. haa haa



A second year English major (Darian) is midway into completing his first fictional mystery novel, but suddenly he and his friend (Delia) realize they have unknowingly become real live characters in a tale that has somehow become more than just a work of mere fiction. Darian fears that he will be killed by one of his own fictional characters before he can complete his manuscript. In an act of desperation, he convinces Delia (a fellow literary student) to continue writing the manuscript on his behalf. Darian hopes she can alter the outcome and will finalize the manuscript so that his novel can be published, even if he does not live to see it in print.


Where Do You Draw The Line Between Reality & Fiction?

Fictional authors spin fascinating tales based on true life experiences, emotions and dreams, that they themselves once experienced. These intriguing stories are the creation of drawing on some deeper thoughts/emotions that the author may not be aware, yet they are from their own lives in some form or fashion. Sometimes these thoughts may have become so suppressed in the author’s minds that he/she may not recognize the connection, yet, all authors write about what they know. Even authors who write historical /period or fantasy, somewhere the story is grounded in a real life experience which triggered the story in the beginning.

So, keeping this in mind, is fiction just a twisted recollection of the author’s own experiences, a glancing blow of the author’s own reality (current or past), either fully realized or not? Although that moment of “reality” may only be brief, it is the catalysis to build an entire tale that enthralls, entices and entertains the reader. Yet, a kernel of “reality” from within the inner depths of the author was the basic cause of the author’s impulse to write the story.

When we read a novel, short story, play, etc. are we not experiencing a moment within the author’s real life? I have my own list of favorite authors, I like their writing style, but I also feel a deeper connection with that author, an appreciation or shared experience. Do I like that author just for his/her writing style, or have I bonded in some unknowing way to that particular author as a person, an individual, someone for whom I have a shared experience(s)?

At some point an author creates a work of fiction, but once it is published, doesn’t the fiction become a tangible source of “reality” for the reader? As the reader consumes the story, don’t the written words become a state of “reality” in the readers mind? In a manner of speaking, the fictional manuscript which was created in the mind of the author becomes “reality” in a metaphysical sense in the mind of the reader. So, my question: is there really such a thing as “fiction”???