Dustin Reviews: Boston Boys Club by Johnny Diaz

Boston Boys Club  by  Johnny Diaz

Synopsis: Flanked by gorgeous brick row houses in the heart of Boston’s South End, the Club Café is a bar where everybody knows your name–and who you slept with last. Every night men like Tommy Perez, Rico DiMio, and Kyle Andrews take their place among the glistening crowd sporting chest-defining shirts and lots of smooth, tanned skin, sizing up the regulars and the new blood while TV monitors blare Beyoncé and Missy Elliott.

For Tommy, Thursdays at the Club Café in the company of his wingman Rico and a Skinny Black Bitch (vodka and Diet Coke) are unmissable. Recently relocated from Miami to Boston to take a reporting job at The Boston Daily, Tommy is finding it hard to break away from his tight-knit Cuban family, but his homesickness goes into rapid remission when he meets Mikey, a blue-eyed, boyish guidance counselor from Cape Cod. Smart, funny, and wicked cute, Mikey is perfect boyfriend material…until his drinking leads Tommy to suspect that he’s got some issues of his own. Rico–a tough-talking, Italian-American accountant with a gamma ray smile and mournful green eyes that hint at a past he’ll admit to no one–is sure Mikey is bad news, but to Rico any relationship that lasts longer than three hours sounds like bad news. Then there’s Kyle, the lean, preening model and former reality show star who makes a red-carpet entrance into the CC every Thursday as if a swarm of cameras still follows his every move, but whose real life is about to take a dramatic turn he never anticipated.

Over the course of one unforgettable year, Tommy is forced to rethink everything he’s ever believed about life, lust, and love. And in the Club Café, a place filled with endless possibilities–of stumbling upon the perfect partner, the perfect story idea, or just a play buddy for the night–Tommy might finally discover the person he was meant to be.

Review: Again Kensington Press has not disappointed me.  Boston Boys Club was a delightful read. Each chapter depicted scenes from the lives of one of 3 friends, each told in first person. Diaz lets us into the heads and thoughts of these 3 guys over a span of a years time. The characters are as shallow and one-dimensional as many of my own real-world friends so I made an instant connection to the story. If you are looking for a deep and philosophically moving book this ain’t it. BBC is a fun, light & often times humorous frolic through the lives of 3 gay men. In a quiet and subtitle way it sends out some meaningful social thoughts and messages. I thought the book was charming, the story was well told and the characters reminded me of real people in my own reality. Fun! Fun! Fun!

4 out of 5 stars.


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