Starting somewhere

Friends encouraged me to write a short story. Okay, so I had never written before, but with such encouragement and support from those around me, I labored until a story was completed. A simple story of two men who fall in love and after surviving all kinds of trials and tribulations live happily ever after. Pleased with my monumental accomplishment, the story is posted on an online author website. To my surprise, the story is picked up by a publisher and now my story is in print. Wow! The publisher prods me into expanding the short story into a novel. That will take some work and I’m basically a lazy person. After some thought and to shut up pushy, meddling friends, I expand a tiny story into a novel. The publisher loves the story and it’s published. Never had any idea that anyone would find my story of any interest. The book sells and sells. It’s gone into a third printing. Foreign publishing rights are negotiated and my book is being published in almost every imaginable language. A movie producer proposes a movie deal based on my novel. My little story is soon being splashed across movie theater screens and played on DVD players and broadcast frequently on Premium cable channels. Who would have thought? Then, I woke up from my dream.


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