Welcome to my world!

“The task of a writer consists of being able to make something out of an idea.” ~ Thomas Mann

I made a 2010 new year’s resolution,  to challenge myself to do something that I had not done before. Not a simple challenge like building a model airplane or putting together a puzzle, but something that would really challenge me.  For months I considered my options but nothing inspiring.

One May afternoon while reading a collection of over 300 email that my boyfriend and I had shared during our time together. I realized that I was looking at a story that I wanted to share with others.

Using the collection of email as a crude outline, a story exploded on my laptop screen. Page one lead to page two and another and another.  Interesting characters entered the story with challenging situations and obstacles.

Three months later, a rough draft was complete. The rewrite began and then the next rewrite and another. Six rewrites later, I had a full fledged manuscript that told a story which began from a real life experience had transformed  into a novel of  fiction.

This blog is my accounting of my world of writing gay fiction.


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